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Do you want to make good photos?

Maybe you know the basis and want to become a professional

You consider the photo art as hobby or plan to work as photographer

In case of any “Yes” – you should come to us!

Master classes Select course

We propose the different forms of training depend on Your goals

Individual training will help you to get maximum in short time

At Master classes you can obtain specific skill in 3 hours

Group courses are the step-by-step training from basis  to professional

Our Courses
Professional photo
Start:10 September 2018
Price:6000 UAH
Start:10 September 2018
Price:6000 UAH
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Retouch Basic
Start:17 September 2018
Price:6000 UAH
Start:17 September 2018
Price:6000 UAH
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*Payment for the course is made through LiqPay, by invoicing the customer's e-mail

Reviews from our Students

I am one of those people who like to dig into trifles, I search for myths in everything and in all. But frankly, there were no negative moments or situations during my training. Everything organized at the highest level, the teachers during the training became not only mentors, but also friends.

Dmitry Morgun

I express my deep gratitude to the whole team of New Tone and wish the development and perspective students. Thank you for your knowledge!

Victoria Krivsha


The school and the teachers are very classy. Everyone was told very clearly, clearly. The models are very classy. All homework we sorted out and learned about their mistakes. School just super. I want to go to this school and continue to study in it!

Anton Momot

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